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le 19M

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le19M - a new venue in Paris/Aubevillier promoting art, fashion and design chooses SECUTIX to welcome all its visitors


Le19M opens its doors to celebrate the values of craftsmanship and exceptional know-how. Located on the border between the 19th arrondissement of Paris and Aubervilliers, in the north of Greater Paris, this unique 25,500 m2 site will host 11 Maisons d'Art, 600 artisans, a school, the Maison ERES and la Galerie du 19M. It also offers a rich events programme that reflects the versatile nature of the space.

To welcome visitors, le19M was looking for a ticketing solution that could adapt to the variable geometry of the venue and the evolution and diversity of its programming. The gallery is made up of three distinct spaces: an area overlooking Place Skanderbeg with a restaurant and shop designed in collaboration with La Réserve des arts and the 7L bookshop; a studio on the mezzanine level that can be used for recordings, presentations and showrooms; and, at the rear, a large space of 550 m2 with a height of 7.50 meters that can accommodate large-scale exhibitions, conferences and practical workshops.

Building an engaged and loyal audience and communicating regularly about the rich and ever-changing events taking place at the venue were essential to this project.

SECUTIX was the right solution for it, offering functionalities and technology to match le19M's needs. SECUTIX was able to meet the needs of a venue that was both innovative and long-lasting. The overall objective was to put the work of fashion & design artisans front stage in an urban area and in front of a wide audience.

Le19M team explains:

"The S-360 solution appealed to us because of its agility, its wide range of functionalities and its ability to engage long-term with our audiences. During the implementation process, the SECUTIX team identified the functionalities we needed to make life easier for our staff and to improve the experience of visitors.”

The advanced functionalities implemented by la Galerie du 19M include:

  • E-marketing with marketing campaigns, knowledge and development of the audience
  • Remote use of the SECUTIX counting product for an off-site exhibition in Senegal
  • Planned: creation of a loyalty programme, creation of a shop, interfaces, etc.

Marc Merpillat, Sales Director at SECUTIX, comments:

"We have already demonstrated our commitment and expertise with major French players in fashion and culture. We are proud to support le19M in its mission to showcase the expertise and excellence of French craftsmanship. Our aim is to work with le19M to make this showcase in the heart of the 19th arrondissement accessible to as many people as possible, thanks to an intelligent, scalable ticketing system".

Since the launch of SECUTIX (October 2022), la Galerie du 19M has sold more than 30,000 tickets, 80% of them online.

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