Having an integrated ticketing platform is a must for professional events. In this article, we will talk about what it is, how it is used, the benefits that make it indispensable when managing the ticketing of any large attendance event, and SECUTIX’s proposal, S-360.

What is a ticketing software solution?

A ticketing software solution for events is an essential tool for managing ticket sales and reservations. These solutions, often software as a service (SaaS)-based, offer online accessibility without any specific installation, making ticketing flexible and usable at any time. It covers a wide range of events, from concerts and sporting events to training workshops and professional conferences. Thanks to the constant updates and improvements made to these systems, the software can facilitate and streamline every stage of online ticket sales.

Why should you choose a ticketing integration software?

Ticketing integration is the coordinated linking of multiple ticketing systems, software, or platforms, enabling them to communicate, share information, and work in cohesion. It allows companies to manage tickets, bookings, or reservations across various channels or services in an integrated and automated manner, improving efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

While both integrated ticketing systems and online ticketing software deal with ticketing processes, integrated ticketing systems are more comprehensive and encompass a wider range of functions beyond just ticket sales. Online ticketing software, on the other hand, is specifically focused on facilitating the online sale of tickets or reservations and may not include the advanced features for customer support and relationship management that integrated systems provide.

How to use an integrated ticketing system?

Many ticketing software packages are now equipped with features that allow integration with social networks and other online platforms. It is important for you to know how to use them.

  • Choose the right system: Select a suitable ticketing system that integrates with your existing tools and aligns with your organisation's needs. SECUTIX’s solution, S-360, adapts completely to the needs of each event, integrating the necessary tools for its success.
  • Configure and customize: Set up the system to match your workflow, define ticket categories, and customize forms.
  • Automate ticket handling: Create automation rules for ticket routing, priorities, and escalations to streamline processes.
  • Train your team: Provide training for your support or service teams on using the system efficiently.
  • Monitor and collaborate: Regularly monitor ticket queues, encourage collaboration among agents, and use internal communication tools.
  • Analyze performance: Utilize reporting and analytics to track key metrics and make data-driven improvements.
  • Continuous improvement: Regularly review and refine processes based on data and customer feedback for ongoing efficiency and satisfaction.

Why should you have a centralised ticketing system?

A centralised ticketing system is necessary for event industry organisations because it brings all customer requests, inquiries, and issues into a single, organised hub. This simplicity ensures that nothing gets lost, overlooked, or duplicated, leading to efficient ticket management. It enhances customer service by providing quick access to customer data and history, allowing support teams to resolve issues promptly. Additionally, centralisation enables data-driven decision-making, facilitates collaboration among teams, and reduces operational costs, making it an essential tool for improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Benefits of ticketing integration

An integrated ticketing system has many advantages for companies using it.

  • Unified actions: Integration enables centralised ticket management, reducing the need for multiple systems and manual data entry, resulting in streamlined operations.
  • Improved efficiency: Automating ticketing processes improves productivity, enabling faster problem resolution and reduced response times.
  • Better customer service: Integration provides rapid access to customer data, enabling more personalized and efficient customer support.
  • Faster problem solving: Integrated systems automatically route tickets to the appropriate teams, speeding up problem resolution and response times.
  • Real-time information: Ticketing integration provides real-time data and analysis for informed decision-making and rapid problem management.
  • Cost savings: Streamlined operations, reduced manual work and faster problem resolution can lead to cost savings.
  • Data accuracy: A centralised ticketing system reduces data errors and ensures consistency between systems thus improving data accuracy.

S-360: SECUTIX’s cloud-based integrated ticketing platform

An integrated ticketing system is a valuable investment for organisations of all sizes. It helps companies in various ways like providing real-time insights, reducing duplication, enhancing collaboration, and contributing to cost savings.

At SECUTIX, we have developed a comprehensive SaaS system called S-360 which will allow you to maximize revenue and customer satisfaction.

Our technology doesn’t just take your ticket store online: it unlocks a whole range of ways to maximise your revenue, simplify multi-channel, multi-product sales, enhance the ticket-buying experience and build a personal relationship with your audience. With it, organisers can use a single platform to manage and optimise ticket sales across multiple sales channels.

Know more about SECUTIX’s integrated ticketing solution S-360.


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