Arenametrix and SECUTIX have worked in partnership for the past ten years, and this continued collaboration gives organisers of sporting and cultural events access to a wealth of unique and accurate data points with which to enhance the experience of their audiences.

Throughout their purchase journey, fans, spectators and festival-goers provide data that can be a goldmine for marketing and communications teams. The collaboration between Arenametrix and SECUTIX makes it possible to exploit this data, facilitating tactical, timely and personalised communication in the lead-up to events and then again after.

When a ticket is purchased, SECUTIX sends the data in Quasi Real Time (qTR, 5 to 15 minutes after it is created). The data is received and integrated into Arenametrix to optimise the customer journey.

Customer Journey CRM Secutix


Thanks to the new API that has been put in place, even more data is being collected, in particular Structures and Access Control data. As a result, the following information is integrated into the Arenametrix tool. 

  • Personal data: Corresponds to Contacts (B2C) and Structures (B2B). This includes, for example, surnames, first names, company names, email addresses, telephone numbers, postal addresses, etc. 
  • Transactional data: i.e. everything sold via SECUTIX. Primarily tickets (performances, subscriptions, donations, etc.) but also merchandising and services. This data provides additional insight into the context of purchases (timing of purchase, number of tickets, etc.)
  • Access control: Every time a contact scans a ticket or attends a performance or match, the data is fed back into Arenametrix, enabling on-site communication, analysis of attendance and management of no-shows

The integrated data is standardised, meaning there is no difference between the data collected and transmitted by SECUTIX and that integrated on Arenametrix. This opens up a wide range of applications for customers, who can use this information with confidence to optimise their visitor experience by:   

  • Centralising customer data in a single repository  
  • Tracking the lifecycle of tickets by tracking their status (sold, cancelled, refunded)  
  • Segmenting different types of audience based on the specific characteristics of the contacts in the database (age, gender, last purchase, etc.) or events (artists, musical genre, match opponent, etc.)  
  • Recovering consent to communicate effectively (email & SMS) while complying with GDPR  
  • Sending targeted communications and setting up marketing automation scenarios using the Arenametrix platform

Testimonial from the Grand Théâtre de Genève on near real-time connection  

"Until recently, we used the marketing automation module to send pre-show emails the day before the performance. Now, with the qTR connection, we can collect sales data for the day of the show just a few hours before it starts, so we can adapt and send our pre-show message to that day's spectators. In this way, we hope to improve the customer experience and the quality of information." 

SECUTIX and Arenametrix are also working with the Montreux Comedy Festival, the Institut du Monde Arabe and the Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne.   

Arenametrix supports players in the world of sport and culture in their digital transformation by centralising the data that is sown along the customer journey (ticketing, website, access control systems, cashless, satisfaction measurements, etc.). The CRM platform is easy to use, giving you a precise view of your audiences so you can build and activate high-impact relationship strategies.


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