SecuTix 360°

Access control

SecuTix 360° helps you control visitor access into any part of your venue, regulate visitor flow, and analyse visits using built-in reports.

Real-time traffic regulation

Get real-time information on your venue’s current occupancy with alerts sent to a mobile device when entrances reach a predefined threshold. Immediately detect control problems (network connectivity, scan not working properly) and visitor flow issues and respond as needed – send additional staff to an entrance, delay the beginning of the show till a certain occupancy is reached, or hold entrance to a specific museum room.

Granular access

Configure tickets with access to any venue area or duration: entrance, exit, specific time validity, maximum time before second entrance and more. Segment your venue into areas and define specific access control for each area, such as entrance to a special exhibit or auditorium.

Mobile terminals or turnstiles

SecuTix access control is based on bar code or RFID card reading via turnstiles or professional PDA’s and smartphones. (Please contact us for a list of supported hardware). Tickets can be read whether they were issued by the venue itself (e-ticket, m-ticket, thermic ticket) or by third-parties and external distributors.

Visit reports

Analyse visits using built-in reports. Compare bookings with actual visits, monitor attendance in real-time, and gain insight into visitor behaviour and the attractiveness of different venue areas.

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